Innovative stories

“Research Institute of Ecological Problems in Metallurgy” (RIEPM) was created in Lipetsk 30 years ago. The main task of Institute is solving and preventing of ecological problems arising at metallurgical and other enterprises, development of waste metallurgical products' recycling technology as well. A considerable part of workings out is made in the sphere of sewage and circulating water processing. There are some examples of effective application of RIEPM's technologies at the Russian enterprises:

Story №1:

After August crisis of 1998 public corporation “Novolipetsk Metallurgical Complex”, using production of American company "Nalco" for reagent water processing, was made choose: to return to old "antiquated" technologies of equipment clearing from mineral depositions or to find the home producer of similar production who could cope with a scum, as good as foreigners. Cooperation with RIEPM gave perfect results. The problem was solved with the shortest possible delay: water supply system was completely protected from carbonate depositions, and ten millions rubles were saved for the complex.

Story №2:

In 1999 began the cooperation RIEPM and Co Ltd "LUKOIL – Volgogradoilprocessing". The main problem of this enterprise was fast rates of equipment corrosion: almost every year they realized an exchange of heat-transfers. Experts of RIEPM found out that ulcerous corrosive defeats were produced by bacteria, they propose a program of water processing by corrosion inhibitor and biocide. The result of this program is decrease in speed of corrosion. Nowadays this technology is used at “Novokuznetsk Ferroalloys Factory".

Story №3:

Biological depositions became a serious problem for the Volga tubal factory. The slime getting into cooling-off systems and blocking atomizers of continuous-casting machine, became the reason of preparation fake's increase and, as consequence, economic losses of factory. The reagent processing program has solved this problem. There are no cases of atomizers' blocks for the last year.

Story №4:

In January 2003 all big heat stations could not work normally because of pump working stoppage at Volga after a transmission line breakage. The only one functioning station was Voljsk heat station-2, because it had no need of fresh water intake. Application of RIEPM's reagents allows this station to work without blowing during already several years. Reagent water processing not only decreased consumption for the river water replenishment and payment for the discharge of sewage, but it saved the enterprise's functionality in state of emergency.

RIEPM – active innovator in reagent and coagulant processing and production for metallurgical and oil-processing industry, the first at the Lipetsk market proposing water supply system's processing by the unique compositions on the basis of complexions.

RIEPM – programs successfully solve problems of circulation systems: scale depositions, corrosive and biological defeats of metal surface, water pollution by the weighted particles.

RIEPM is a hard-working team of experienced chemists and heating engineers armed with scientific initiative, competence, spirit of enterprise and attention to customers.

RIEPM is a reliable partner for all industrial enterprises and municipal economies. Contact us and we will help you to solve your problems.