Research institute of ecological problems in metallurgy

To solve problems of industrial enterprises' water rotation systems the closed corporation "Research institute of ecological problems in metallurgy" offers programs of water rotation systems' stabilization processing, based on technologies and the reagents developed and patented by experts of the institute.

Programs’ designing is carried out on the basis of the concrete enterprise, water rotation systems' analytical researches and tests on optimization of the processing location and volume are realized.

Application of RIEPM’s program, experts of the institute, developed application technology and constant monitoring of the equipment condition allow to get the results (productivity increase, decrease of current expenses, efficiency increase etc.) in different industries without considerable capital investments.

RIEPM brings forward the list of reagents applied in its programs. To ensure the stable operation of water rotation equipment, RIEPM has a possibility to put the economic dosing out and clearing equipment.

RIEPM realizes production of flocculants and coagulants for clarification of industrial water and sewage, scale inhibitors, corrosion and biodefeat for stabilization water processing:

All products' storage is provided in covered storage facilities, under a shed or on a warehouse platform in a transport container. With regard to use, transportation and product storage special demands of environment protection are not made.

We will propose you the fullest and concrete information on meeting with your experts for the discussion of possible water rotation cycles' problems and their solutions.

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