About us

"Research Institute of Ecological Problems in Metallurgy" was created in 1993 to solve and prevent ecological problems in water rotation systems of metallurgical and oil-processing productions, municipal and heat-and-power engineering economy.

Areas of activity

One of the basic directions of RIEPM's activity is working out of technologies and programs of water supply systems reagent processing on the basis of complexons.

Working at the Russian market of complexons during 30 years, RIEPM has got a wide experience of solving problems of industrial enterprises' water rotation systems. Experts of Institute use the modern patented technologies, the same as foreign analogues by the efficiency, but better by the application's economy.

RIEPM also realizes production of scale inhibitors, corrosion and biodefeat for stabilization water processing:

One more important RIEPM's activity is production and application of coagulants and flocculants for the water clarification.

Experts of RIEPM develop programs of reagent clarification and heat-exchange equipment washing from different depositions and also help to realize these programs.

During the work in the Russian market of complexons and complexonates RIEPM has proved itself to be a good worker and innovative developer, the competent adviser and the reliable supplier of reagent processing programs of water rotation systems in industrial productions and city municipal economy. An indicator of RIEPM work's quality is constant expansion of a customers' circle. Among RIEPM's customers there are many Russian industry giants such as:

And other Russian industrial and municipal enterprises.